8 Signs That Your Vagina Is Loose

At some point, many women around the world will suffer from having a loose vagina, yet while it is relatively common, it is not an ideal situation since it not only makes it harder to have a satisfying sex life but it also reduces self-confidence. There are a number of reasons why a woman may have a loose vagina, however, for most women it is because of childbirth, and especially if a woman has given birth several times there is a greater chance of looseness developing. Here are some of the key signs that you could have a loose vagina:

Urine leakage

Stress incontinence is an embarrassing problem which happens when those muscles which support the bladder and control the way in which the body releases urine become weak. Stress incontinence causes urine to leak out when participating in any activity which stresses the bladder, for example, sneezing, laughing or lifting objects. The muscles of the pelvic floor weaken as a woman gets older, and after she has gone through the menopause due to lower oestrogen levels. Injuries to the urethra, pelvic surgery, obesity, UTIs, frequent coughing and childbirth can all contribute to weakness that results in a loose vagina.

Urinary Urgency

Similar to stress incontinence, if you suddenly need to rush to the toilet to empty your bladder, this is a sign that your pelvic floor muscles could benefit from tightening up.

Difficulty in tightening the vaginal muscles

If you find it difficult to contract the muscles of your vagina enough to clasp your index finger tightly, you probably have a loose vagina.

Lack of vaginal resistance

If you insert three fingers into your vagina and cannot feel any resistance from its walls, this is another sign that looseness could be a problem.

Struggling to orgasm

If you find it hard to achieve orgasm, this is another symptom of looseness. To orgasm, a woman usually has to have sustained stimulation, however this is not easy if you have a loose vagina. It will also have a negative effect on your sex life since your partner is also likely to notice that you are no longer as tight as you used to be.

Insensitivity with small objects

If you find it difficult to become stimulated, there’s a good chance that your vagina has been stretched. Although some women think that the answer is simply to use larger objects to experience stimulation, this actually often worsens the problem in the long run.

Less sexual pleasure

If you no longer feel anything when you have intercourse and your partner is also less satisfied, you could benefit from having a tighter vagina.

Your vagina doesn’t close even when unaroused

Although it is normal for your vagina to loosen up naturally if you are feeling aroused, it should return to its original closed state once the arousal has passed. If yours remains loose and open, this indicates that you should think about doing some pelvic floor exercises to reduce the problem.