Amaira | Natural Skincare

Advanced Anal Bleaching Serum

Amaira Intimate Whitening Serum uses natural, healthy ingredients and is proven to lighten dark or discolored skin around the anus quickly and safely. Through the use of natural plant extracts, Amaira effectively lightens dark pigments around the private areas of the anus and vagina.

Our serum is developed without any perfumes or harsh chemicals, such as hydroquinone, so you can confidently treat discoloration.

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Amaira is the top rated intimate skin lightening product on the market
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AMAIRA | Natural Skincare

Amaira Is Rated The #1 Choice For Lightening Skin In Intimate Areas

Amaira has been consistently rated the top choice for lightening skin in intimate areas used by people of all backgrounds from housewives to pornstars! Since we only use natural ingredients, our serum is safe to use on sensitive skin which surrounds the vagina and anus. We’ve conducted thousands of tests to make sure that Amaira is scientifically proven to reduce scarring and dark skin pigmentation. Our advanced serum has been rated the fastest-acting serum available on the market today.

This vaginal and anal bleaching serum is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Whether you’re using Amaira to treat birthmarks, dark underarms, scars, or even to bleach your anus – you can feel safe and confident investing in a product which works quickly, and provides long-lasting results.

No harsh chemicals

Can be used on ALL skin types

Contains natural ingredients

Can be used on genital areas of both women & men

No perfumes or Parabens

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower extract to moisturize

Can be used on sensitive skin

Mulberry and Orchid extract to lighten skin

Amaira Is Made From Natural Ingredients, Safe For Intimate Areas
AMAIRA | Natural Skin Care

How Does Amaira Work?

Amaira combines the natural healing knowledge from centuries-old Chinese and Japanese herbal treatments, with scientifically proven Western medicine and skin care techniques. The serum uses natural plant extracts to lighten dark skin pigmentation, while boosting the overall health of your skin – leaving your complexion healthy and radiant.

One of the most important ingredients, The Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower, is listed in the top 50 fundamental Chinese herbs. Its proven medicinal properties have made this extract one of the best moisturizing agents in the world.

Equally as important is the extract from Mulberry Leaf. Its agents have been clinically proven to improve skin health, but also slow the production of tyrosinase (which causes dark pigment) by 50%. Due to its effect, when you remove dead skin cells with exfoliation, the new cells which form are lighter in color.

In addition to Mulberry Leaf Extract, Amaira also uses extract from the Mulberry Root Bark. This substance dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by naturally restoring fibrillin in your skin.

Amaira also uses extract from Orchids, which have been proven to repair skin damage and strengthen skin to prevent future damage. This compound is rich in minerals and natural moisturising compounds which produces a soft, luminescent glow – making skin look radiant and fresh. Not only do orchids improve your skin’s overall appearance, but they also reduce fine lines by fighting free radicals which can accelerate signs of aging.

Instead of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals such as hydroquinone, Amaira uses Kojic Acid, a safer alternative which is developed from rice and mushrooms. Kojic acid is a skin lightening agent found in many cosmetic products, and is a safe and natural ingredient which effectively whitens dark skin pigment up to three shades lighter.

Amaira is also the only intimate lightening serum to use Glycolic Acid. This natural product minimizes ingrown hairs or blocked hair follicles in sensitive areas where waxing is common.

When combined, these powerful ingredients make Amaira the most advanced and fastest-acting skin lightening serum on the market today.

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Amaira Lightening Serum is made in the USA
AMAIRA | Natural Skincare

How To Use Amaira

Lighten Skin in Intimate Areas

The process of anal bleaching is incredibly simple.

There are 3 key steps to follow in order to see positive results quickly and easily:

  1. Cleanse your skin with a mild soap and pat dry.
  2. Apply Amaira Skincare to your anus and allow it time to soak in.
  3. Repeat this process twice daily until you achieve your desired results.

Instructions are clearly marked on all Amaira skincare packaging so you can refer back to them at anytime.

Most users find that their skin begins to lighten within the first week of use. As they continue to follow this simple process, their anus and other intimate parts become brighter and more even-toned.

“Amaira Intimate Lightening Cream fills in a huge gap in the vaginal and anal bleaching market for those who want to try this process at home. It’s a product that actually delivers results quickly and safely.” — Jerry L.

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Whiten Dark Spots

Many people with skin discolorations use Amaira to fix unsightly issues, such as hyperpigmentation, darker underarms, and birthmarks. Blemishes and skin spots occur naturally over time, and it’s important to use an natural product to remedy these issues so as not to cause further damage or scarring from harsh chemicals.

Amaira is designed to treat spots such as: Age Spots/Liver Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Underarms, Birthmarks, Melasma

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Reduce Scarring

Scars are common, but some people are self-conscious about the appearance of scars on their skin. It’s possible to lighten the appearance of scars so they blend naturally into your skin tone using a lightening serum. Whether your scars are from surgery, or an accident which damaged your skin, you can use Amaira to fade scars and make the skin around the affected area more radiant.

Amaira can reduce the appearance of: Acne Scars, C-Section/Hysterectomy Scars, Breast Implant Scars, Tummy-Tuck Scars, Burn Scars, Body-Piercing Scars

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